New York District 20
Softball and Summer and Fall Ball

It is important to note that District 20 began the Interleague Softball program to be Instructional for all the participants. The goal of the Interleague Softball program sponsored by the District is to primarily be a training league. The program is intended to be a “farm organization” that allows girls to enhance their skills and prepare them for tournament play in June. As such, please observe the following guidelines:

  • There are NO standings. Since the goal is to provide instruction to the children, wins and losses are not the emphasis.
  • These rules will be the followed for all inter league games. There will be no adjustments to these rules
  • Play will begin in the middle of April and will continue through June.
  • Scheduling games is solely at the discretion of the coaches and they are encouraged to schedule as many games as their respective team can handle. It is important to note, however, that a girl must play in 60% of their games in order to be eligible for tournament play.
  • If a League has a field hot-line, those telephone numbers will be posted on the District 20 website (
  • Notwithstanding, each coach must contact an opposing coach as soon as it is known that there is a problem in playing the game—whether for weather or player availability.

We will follow all rules in Little League Softball Rule Book with the following exceptions:

1. Playing the Game
  • The purpose of Interleague Softball is instruction.
  • Borrowing Players.  Players may be borrowed from any other eligible team in order to play a game.  All borrowed players must bat at the end of the roster and may not play at the pitcher position. 
  • Playing with Fewer than 9 Players.  A team may play a game with 8 of its players; in such situation players may be borrowed from the opposing team to play defensively only.  There will NOT be an automatic out registered at bat for the missing 9th player in the batting order
  • Number of Outfielders.  For the 10U Division, the rules dictate that four (4) outfielders should be used. At the pitch, the four outfielders can be no closer than the edge of the outfield grass. The 12U division will play with three (3) outfielders.

2. Time Limit
  • Each game has a 2-hour time limit with no exceptions. No new inning can begin after 1-hour and 45 minutes.

3. Batting  
  • Roster Batting.  For all divisions, every player on the team bats in a designated spot in the order for the entire game. No batting substitutions are necessary or appropriate.
  • Mercy Rule:  10U/8U has no mercy rule due to the accommodation outlined in 3(c). The 12U division will utilize the 10 run mercy rule outlined per the Rule Book.
  • Limit:  In the 10U/8U division, the inning shall end at the earliest of three (3) recorded outs or the offensive team scored 5 runs. This applies for the all innings, including the 6th inning. No such rule will apply for the 12U Division. 
  • Bunting.  Bunting is permitted at all levels but discouraged for other than strategic reasons; no slashing.
  • Bats.  All bats to be in compliance with Little League guidelines.
  • Stepping out of Batter’s Box: For 10U & 12U. A batter may not take both feet out of the batter’s box, except for the eight reasons listed in the rule book. After the first offence per at bat, the umpire will call a strike on the batter.

4. Defense 
  • No player may sit defensively for more than 2 consecutive innings.

5. Pitching
Rules are same as little league rule book for the 12U Division. For the 10U/8U Division, the pitching rules will mirror the little league rule book with the following exceptions:
  • Pitchers may pitch a maximum of three (3) innings per game and a maximum of six (6) innings per week.
  • After the third walk and/ or hit batter in an inning, a coach from the offensive team shall pitch the remainder of the inning. No balls will be called while the coach is pitching. The pitcher will remain in the pitcher’s fielding position and the same pitcher may resume pitching the next inning, assuming eligibility remains.
  • 8U coaches will pitch to their teams for the first couple of weeks. Effective May 1st the girls must pitch.
  • Regulation softballs will be used in all divisions. Section 1.09 of rule book.

6. Baserunning
12U Teams.
  • Runners may steal any base at any time after the ball is released by the pitcher
  • No leading or leaving a base until the pitch is released. 
  • On a dropped third strike, the batter can advance to 1st base if unoccupied or there are 2 outs. Defense must make the put-out. 
  • No headfirst sliding except when returning to a base.  No intentional contact.

10U Teams. 
  • Runners may steal any base at any time after the ball crosses the plate.
  • No delayed steal.
  • No advance on an overthrow, including throws to pitcher. 
  • No leading or leaving a base until the pitch reaches the batter. 
  • On a dropped third strike, the batter is automatically out.
  • No headfirst sliding except when returning to a base.  No intentional contact.
  • There will be a maximum of six (6) steals per game and a maximum of three (3) steals per inning.
  • Stealing home is not allowed.
  • No stealing when the coach is pitching. 
  • 8U Teams:
  • No stealing
  • No advance on an overthrow, including throws to pitcher
  • No leading or leaving a base until the pitch reaches the batter. 
  • No headfirst sliding except when returning to a base.  No intentional contact

These Rules were adopted in an attempt to create an atmosphere of instructional softball and encouraging the participation of all children on the roster. These rules are intended to apply to ALL District 20 Interleague Softball games without exception.  The District 20 Interleague Softball Program relies on good faith voluntary compliance by each coach and manager.  Any issues should be addressed to your League President who will then bring any appropriate issue to the prompt attention to the District. All problems should be submitted through an e-mail to: [email protected]